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Olga sewed a dress for me exactly as I imagined !

I enjoyed our entire joint process, from the choice of fabrics, to the continuation of the measurements and the end result.

She was attentive to me all the way and was really professional and honest. You made my dream a reality!"

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I arrived in Olga not long before the wedding and after trying a few places and it did not work out ...

She received me with a wonderful smile and delicacy , I had a direction for the dress but not really a model, she understood me and my desire, straight to the page and drew a dress and cut for me in the style I wanted and turned my mind into something practical.

Olga is a really professional seamstress, every seam of hers is precise and not in thought and the little details are really important to her, I felt I could really let go of control and trust her completely because she really cared how it would turn out and it would be accurate and perfect .

The dress is amazing !!! I'm glad I found Olga and happy about my beautiful dress, just the way I wanted it, classic, delicate, and beautiful .

Olga gives such a warm and loving feeling and it is so pleasant to come to her and go through such an important and meaningful process with her. I wish every future bride to have a seamstress like Olga "❤️

A couple getting married

Olga sewed my dream dress for me
There is no end to the compliments I received, highly recommend "

wedding dress

Olga is amazing!  She fitted the character just right for your dress .

But what has done it best, especially in Olga's dresses, is sewing the dress for you and while she hangs out with you, looking for the fabrics for you, and competing for the dress.

She gets to know you , and I got to know her and the attitude she really gives from the heart .

She taught me about what a flattering cut I have . I learned from Olga a few things about dresses and her profession and image.

Taught me how much in the design of a dress you need to stand on your own.

She is super professional , knows all the tricks and you should not regret it! "

A bride
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Olga made the dream a reality .

I got to it and needed 2 wedding dresses - one for a wedding in the country and the other for Prague.

She managed to get into my head very quickly and figure out what I wanted and from that moment started working on the 2 dresses.

We went to choose fabrics and she did not give up we walked around for hours until we came out with the perfect fabrics .

Every measurement she got excited with me and did not give up until the perfect result was reached, until everything sat just right .  

There are no single words. "

A כלה לובשת שמלת כלה בתפירה אישית עם גב פתוח וחצאית

The process of choosing and sewing a wedding dress can be stressful and it is important that it be accompanied by a warm and courteous attitude.

Olga is pleasant and professional . Knows how to recommend a cut that suits the body structure , pays attention to the smallest details from choosing the most amazing fabrics to a high level of finish in the sewing work. My dress was stunning , special and flattering .  Highly recommend , you will not regret it (: "

כלה לובשת שמלת כלה בתפירה אישית עם עליונית מתחרה וחגורה
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Aluuuuuuuuuuu !!!!

She sewed a wedding dress for me in a week and a half !!!

Courteous and generous service.

An amazing woman. 🥰😍🥰😍🥰🥰

Vika "
A couple on their wedding day
כלה לובשת שמלת כלה בתפירה אישית עם שרוולים וחצאית קצרה
wedding dress
כלה לובשת שמלת כלה בתפירה אישית עם תחרה, שרוולים ארוכים ומחשוף
A bride
A couple getting married
A bride
כלה לובשת שמלת כלה בתפירה אישית עשויה מתחרה

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