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A woman

"The profession chose me and not vice versa"

I remember the first item I designed and sewed - I was only 11 then, in a craft class, where the teacher gave us a task to create a shirt. I found in the house remnants of a purple silk cloth with a beautiful print, and made from it a shirt with bishop's sleeves and a bow tie tied around the neck. The teacher was so impressed with the result, that she decided to show my shirt at an exhibition held at the school. At that moment, I knew - this is what I would like to do when I grow up.

Throughout childhood and adolescence, my parents worked day and night to provide our family with a minimum standard of living. Surprisingly, buying me fashionable dresses really was not their priority. Therefore, I would collect  Burda journals from which I took out cuts and sewed clothes that at the time seemed to me like a work of art. I learned to use an old sewing machine we had at home, and instead of spending money on fabrics, I would use scraps of fabric my mother had collected over the years or old clothes that were no longer in good condition. 

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to study design and sewing at a prestigious fashion design university in Russia (I lived in Georgia at the time), but the fear of moving to an unfamiliar place, the pressure from parents to learn a "practical" profession, and all fears, thoughts and difficulties paralyzed me. I have to give up everything. Eventually I went to study a profession that my parents approved (engineering) in a place close to my home.


However, sewing has accompanied me all my life. Even after I got married and started a family, I continued to sew for myself and my two daughters - Purim costumes, dresses for events and even dance competitions. At my wedding I did not sew a dress for myself because it was considered bad luck, but it moved me a lot when my best friend wore a dress I created. The first garment I sewed for my eldest daughter, when she was three, was a red shirt and a denim sweater. To make the sweater, I cut my husband's old jeans. The sewing machine I had could not handle a fabric as thick as jeans, so I had to sew the sweater by hand. When I finished, all my hands were injured, but it was worth it - I was very proud of the end result.  

A hugging couple

An outfit I sewed myself

A woman

Burda jacket

A dancing couple

My daughter

A girl

A vest from old jeans

In my 50s, I finally mustered up the courage and decided to set out on my own. The fears and thoughts are still there, the difficulties of being independent still exist, but the urge to create, and fulfill dreams for other people and the fact that I'm tired of being scared - made me take that step.

I'm not an entrepreneur, not a slick saleswoman or even a 'certified fashion designer'. But the day I started the business I made the decision - I no longer live in fear and I am starting to believe in myself.


Today, I meet brides, designers and women who want to create custom-made evening dresses in my home studio. When you arrive to a counseling session, first of all I want to get to know you, the style you like, and the cut that suits you.
Together we will create a dress from scratch, while you are an active participant throughout the whole process - including the design of the dress and the choice of fabrics. In every measurement I make sure you feel the most comfortable and most beautiful and special in your dress.

Let's each fulfill her dream - for me it's creating your dream dress and for you to wear it.



A group of women making a selfie

At the end of a photoshoot

A couple getting married

At my wedding - my friend on the right is wearing a dress I created

שרטוט שמלת כלה של תופרת שמלות כלה

Design for my collection

Olga Svetlitsky
Wedding Dress Lace Applique איך לחבר אפליקציות תחרה לשמלת כלה
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Wedding Dress Lace Applique איך לחבר אפליקציות תחרה לשמלת כלה

Wedding Dress Lace Applique איך לחבר אפליקציות תחרה לשמלת כלה

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הדרך לשמלת הכלה המושלמת מתחילה כאן The process of making a wedding dress

הדרך לשמלת הכלה המושלמת מתחילה כאן The process of making a wedding dress

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Bridal fabrics קניית בדי תחרה לשמלת כלה

Bridal fabrics קניית בדי תחרה לשמלת כלה

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