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!Dear Bride

When was the last time you measured a dress and felt it was sewn just for you ? A dress in which you feel beautiful, that is comfortable, that is your style?  

This is my specialty - I spend time getting to know you in order to design and sew a dress for you that is simply you. You are an active participant in the whole process -in the design, in the choice of fabrics, and during measurements.

I make sure you feel comfortable, beautiful and special in your dress.

Let's each fulfill her dream - for me it's creating your dream dress, and for you to wear it.

I would be happy to meet you,


Olga - I want you to design and sew a dress for me, how do we begin?

In order for me to understand your taste and style, I will ask you a few short questions.

At the end, you will get a quote and a free consultation will be scheduled.

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Olga is amazingShe fits your character just right for your dress.

But the best thing is that she sews the dress for you and while she spends time with you, looks for the fabrics for you and for lace for the dress.

She gets to know you, and I got to know her and the attention she really gives from the heartShe taught me about what is flattering to my figure.  She is super professional, knows all the tricks and you will not regret it !

A bride
A bride


Olga sewed a dress for me exactly as I imagined!

I enjoyed our whole joint process,

starting with the choice of fabrics, the continuation of the measurements and the end result.

She was attentive to me all the way and was really professional and honest.

You made my dream a reality!

I remember the first item I designed and sewed - I was only 11 then, in a craft class, where the teacher gave us a task to create a shirt. I found in the house remnants of a purple silk cloth with a beautiful print, and made from it a shirt with bishop's sleeves and a bow tie tied around the neck. The teacher was so impressed with the result, that she decided to show my shirt at an exhibition held at the school. At that moment, I knew - this is what I would like to do when I grow up.

Throughout childhood and adolescence, my parents worked day and night to provide our family with a minimum standard of living. Surprisingly, buying me fashionable dresses really was not their priority. Therefore, I would collect  Burda journals from which I took out cuts and sewed clothes that at the time seemed to me like a work of art. I learned to use an old sewing machine we had at home, and instead of spending money on fabrics, I would use leftover fabrics my mother had collected over the years.  

Sewing has accompanied me all my life, but only in my 50s did I conquer my fears and make a decision to...

My Story

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Burda journals
A sketch of a dress

So what does the process of designing and sewing a wedding dress or an evening gown involve?

A free consultation session, in which we will create a sketch of the dress and take measurements of the body

  A dress design that will compliment your unique figure

  A fun day in Nahalat Binyamin, where we will choose stunning and high-quality fabrics, using a designer discount, that suit your skin tone

  2-4 measurements in different stages of sewing, in which you can make sure that the dress looks exactly as you wanted

  Sewing prices start from only 1,000 NIS for an evening dress and only 1,500 NIS for a wedding dress (the price does not include fabric, and depends on the complexity of the dress)

You can read about the process in more detail on my blog 

Olga - I want you to design and sew a dress for me, how do we start?

In order for me to understand your taste and style, I will ask you a few short questions.

At the end, you will get a quote and a free consultation will be scheduled.

Everything you wanted to know about the process of designing and sewing a custom dress -and you never dared to ask

כמה זמן לוקח לתפור שמלת כלה או שמלת ערב?

  Do you sew a wedding dress for dancing?

Where can I see examples of evening dresses you sewed?

  Do you have wedding dresses or evening dresses ready to buy / rent ?

  Do you sew an evening dress for the bride's mother?

I do not have time to come to a counseling session or measurements. Can they be given up?

I do not have time to travel to choose fabrics for the dress - can you do it without me?

  What is the cost of the fabrics for the dress I want to sew?

Do you make repairs to wedding dresses or evening dresses? 

My budget is very limited - can I still sew a custom dress with you?

Wedding dresses in Hadera, Caesarea, Binyamina, Zichron Yaacov, Or Akiva

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Pardes Hanna

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