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!Dear Bride

When was the last time you measured a dress and felt it was sewn just for you ? A dress in which you feel beautiful, that is comfortable, that is your style?  

This is my specialty - I spend time getting to know you in order to design and sew a dress for you that is simply you. You are an active participant in the whole process -in the design, in the choice of fabrics, and during measurements.

I make sure you feel comfortable, beautiful and special in your dress.

Let's each fulfill her dream - for me it's creating your dream dress, and for you to wear it.

I would be happy to meet you,


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Olga - I want you to design and sew a dress for me, how do we begin?

In order for me to understand your taste and style, I will ask you a few short questions.

At the end, you will get a quote and a free consultation will be scheduled.

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